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There’s no doubt Talent is rising in impact and importance. And so too is the need for specialised talent. That’s where we come in. We help advise, guide, steer and lead our clients in the right direction, challenging market wisdom and embracing innovation. It’s hard to pigeon-hole our services as each project is unique to a particular client, however, broadly speaking we work using industry-specific experience to help our clients develop expertise across key Resourcing, Talent & Recruitment.

Underpinned by data and diagnostics we help organisations build, enhance or evolve their talent acquisition capability.

Recruitment Model Design:

Aston Holmes will help you understand what organisational structure you need in order to deliver your talent acquisition and resourcing strategy efficiently and cost effectively without compromising on quality

Process Framework Design:

Aston Holmes will review and reengineer your current recruitment processes from vacancy authorisation to onboarding, to ensure maximum efficiency and to deliver improved candidate and hiring manager experience

Technology Assessment, Optimisation & Procurement:

Aston Holmes will conduct a full assessment and benchmarking of your current recruitment technology.  We can support with optimising your existing system or help procure a new one in line with your requirements

It has been said that “data is the new oil” and our research and insights capabilities enable our clients to make intelligent people decisions. Market data and mapping are no longer just tools for executive hiring in an increasingly talent scarce landscape and our consultants work with our clients to use insight and analytics to achieve competitive advantage.

We work with clients as an extension of their teams or on a project by project basis.

Senior Hiring:

we work with our client’s internal teams to support with senior level hiring by mapping the global market and then engaging talent to develop shortlists which are then transferred back to our clients. These are often supplemented with internal applicants and business referrals.

Competitor Insight:

using a variety of research techniques, we will map out key functions or geographies from competitors to bring to life the talent landscape, the availability of talent and reward benchmarking.


whether you’re considering where to build a new digital lab or expanding into a new region we use research to support the decision-making processes. Our consultants will work with our client’s teams to provide key insights on the availability of talent, talent competitors and local reward information.


we help organisations with the science to support workforce diversification. We support clients with D&I strategies by mapping key markets too understand the diversity of talent. Once our clients understand the availability of talent, they are significantly more informed in how to achieve targets whether through talent acquisition or “grow your own” strategies

We believe simply that business should focus their resources and activities on what they do best. Uniquely we understand that organisations are becoming more diverse at what they’re good at and do not always require a completely outsourced solution.

This is why our consultants work with clients to assess/benchmark on a modular basis across their TA processes to understand where there’s potential to increase value, reduce time or save costs.

Leveraging our onsite and offshore capabilities we then build solutions that deliver a full RPO solution or sync with parts of our client’s processes and teams that are performing well by outsourcing only certain parts of the process.


Full RPO:

Every year we help clients hire thousands of people globally through our blended portfolio of service offerings. We understand that our start-up and mid-cap clients often require a different approach to our established corporates which is why each solution is uniquely tailored.

Modular Outsourcing:

In a TA world of AI, systems for systems and a never-ending people scope we help organisations keep things simple by ensuring they have the right resources doing the right things. Whether it’s sourcing, assessment or onboarding we work our clients to supplement their teams removing low value activities or adding specialist expertise on a permanent or project basis.

Project Hiring:

Often work force planning doesn’t factor in expansions, Mergers and acquisitions or new systems or legislation resulting in in-house recruitment teams not having the capacity to deliver whilst managing business as usual. This is where we support our client’s in-house teams by providing on-demand flexible resources to ensure business objectives are met on time and in budget. 

Build, Operate, Transfer

To offer an increasingly flexible solution to our clients, one of our key strengths has been, to advise clients and design the optimal inhouse resourcing team structure for their business, help them build it, implement, operate it and transfer back according the individual client needs.

Our Project RPO service allows you the flexibility to build an outsourced end-to-end recruitment service to deliver all your talent acquisition requirements.  The service will be delivered by a dedicated team of Aston Holmes employees who will work for and on behalf of your business.  Our service can be delivered on or offsite and will include:

  • Administration support, including candidate screening, interview scheduling or data input
  • Candidate attraction and sourcing
  • Interviewing and assessment
  • Offer Management

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