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Aston Holmes is a Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Consultancy

We help businesses unlock enterprise value by enabling them to attract, hire and retain the right individuals in the most effective way. We believe that in a crowded market, organisations will increasingly require an advisory partner to support in determining, designing and delivering resourcing and talent acquisition strategies that are dynamic in nature, yet simply effective. We challenge conventional market wisdom and embrace innovation to create people solutions that have the future of your business in mind which we make sure we deliver with care, passion and precision.

About us

We put people first

Aston Holmes was founded by a group of People experts that range from HR and Talent Acquisition leaders and Resourcing Specialists to Project Managers and Talent Business Partners who have come together through a belief in a single guiding principle – that it is people that unlock enterprise value. This mutual understanding motivates us each and every day. It’s why we do what we do.

We know that there are people challenges for businesses as there never have been before – issues such as the big advancements in technology, globalisation and social media, not to mention the emergence of the millennial workforce, crowd sourcing, the gig economy and next generation executive hiring.  All of these present exciting new opportunities coupled with huge risk. Importantly, we know how to capitalise on these issues. And even more importantly, we know how to use them to your advantage.

With Aston Holmes you don’t buy a Talent consultancy, you buy a philosophy. A “Working as One” philosophy, which filters through our entire organisation. We have purposely selected our team so we have diverse and complementary experience. We want the team to be fully invested in our approach so we offer all employees equity in the business. This means everyone feels included in the day-to-day running of the business and the quality of our offering. It also means there is a genuine entrepreneurial spirit alive in every single one of our employees.

Our services

There is magic in what we do

There’s no doubt Talent is rising in impact and importance. And so too is the need for specialised talent. That’s where we come in. We help advise, guide, steer and lead our clients in the right direction, challenging market wisdom and embracing innovation. It’s hard to pigeon-hole our services as each project is unique to a particular client, however, broadly speaking we work using industry-specific experience to help our clients develop expertise across key Resourcing, Talent & Recruitment.

Design Thinking

If you’re having problems seeing the wood for the trees when it comes to Resourcing, or you just want an external consultant to support you to build a recruitment solution for your business by bringing extensive talent acquisition experience, best practice solutions and expertise to your resourcing model, that is where Aston Holmes comes in.  We can not only provide the advice and consulting know how but we can also build and implement the solution for you to ensure a smooth transition to business as usual.  Our services include:

  • Recruitment Model Design – Aston Holmes will help you understand what organisational structure you need in order to deliver your talent acquisition and resourcing strategy efficiently and cost effectively without compromising on quality
  • Process Framework Design – Aston Holmes will review and reengineer your current recruitment processes from vacancy authorisation to onboarding, to ensure maximum efficiency and to deliver improved candidate and hiring manager experience
  • Technology Assessment, Optimisation & Procurement – Aston Holmes will conduct a full assessment and benchmarking of your current recruitment technology.  We can support with optimising your existing system or help procure a new one in line with your requirements
  • Sourcing and Attraction Framework Design – Aston Holmes will review your existing sourcing strategy, including an analysis of your current routes to market, the suitability of your current agency relationships and your brand and employer value proposition.
Flexible Resourcing

Our Flexible Resourcing product enables you to bolster the resources of your talent acquisition and resourcing teams at a moments notice.  Whether you are looking for a:

  • Recruiter because you are embarking on growing your business
  • Project Manager to implementing a new system or process
  • Transformation Specialist to embed change
  • Sourcing Support to help build your direct recruitment capability
  • Recruitment Administration to enable you to keep the wheels turning whilst you concentrate on building a talent acquisition strategy

…or even if you’ve just lost a member of your team and need someone to bolster the team whilst recruiting a replacement, that is where we come in.  If you need a spare pair of hands, Aston Holmes can support you by providing a talent acquisition and resourcing professional for any short or medium term need.

Managed Recruitment Services

With our Managed Recruitment Services we can provide you with longer term recruitment support as an extension to your existing team.  Much like our Flexible Resource offering we can provide services for individual activities, or bundles of activities.  Our services can be delivered on or offsite and include:

  • Administration support, including candidate screening, interview scheduling or data input
  • Candidate attraction and sourcing
  • Interviewing and assessment
  • Offer Management
Project RPO

Our Project RPO service allows you the flexibility to build an outsourced end-to-end recruitment service to deliver all your talent acquisition requirements.  The service will be delivered by a dedicated team of Aston Holmes employees who will work for and on behalf of your business.  Our service can be delivered on or offsite and will include:

  • Administration support, including candidate screening, interview scheduling or data input
  • Candidate attraction and sourcing
  • Interviewing and assessment
  • Offer Management


Our talent acquisition experts have had the privilege of working with aspirational, confident and ambitious clients across a range of organisations.










I am what I am because of who we all are

If you’re interested in business and how people can best make a difference then it’s likely we’re probably interested in you. We want people who thrive on being part of a team. Who want to achieve great things for themselves and for those around them. And who have a mix of analytical, practical, business and people skills so they understand what influences success and can then deliver the strategies to build on that success. We are happy to talk to people of all levels of experience. It helps if you can provide a CV first. Please feel free to contact us at

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If you think you might be interested in working with us you can speak directly to one of our experts by phone or drop us an email.

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